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Reehat.com – Digital Transformation

AutoOB – Information Technology division of Gallure Ideas and Insights W.L.L. which focuses completely on Digital Transformation and Automation, has completed yet another project for Reehat Al Atoor perfumes. This project aimed to create a global reach of their famous perfumes in Bahrain.  Digital transformation has become the top most priority for business trying to […]

AR and VR in the COVID world

In the dawn of this new year and the decade, humanity was in track for development and innovations; Then came the COVID-19 pandemic and caught the whole world off-guard. Many businesses across the globe are wondering how long they will survive the financial horrors of this pandemic. Businesses are embracing digitization now more than ever. […]

How Accessible E-commerce Website Designing Is Useful During COVID-19?

Having accessible web design is getting imperative in the new era of social distancing and with global communities remains unsure about actual time duration for being homebound, people are shifting more towards online shopping, information, entertainment, and socializing. However, there is one more side to this story, with web serving as present-time savior for people staying […]

VISA says contactless payments are soaring amid COVID-19

The coronavirus pandemic has shifted spending patterns towards daily essentials, where contactless usage is highest, says the American card giant. Persistent rumors that cash will transmit the virus (though not supported by the World Health Organization) are additional factors driving both customers and merchants to cashless payments. It is leading to increasing awareness and usage […]

Print Industry in Times of COVID-19

During the corona pandemic, the packaging and the label segment is very stable, mainly due to the increasing demand for food and pharmaceutical packaging. Nevertheless, supply problems such as the discontinuation of paper production are having a negative impact on this segment in the region and Bahrain. While print production in the kingdom was stable until mid-March […]

Digital Transformation in Covid -19

You will agree to the fact that business is not going to be the same after the threat of COVID 19 is treated. Digital transformation is the biggest threat companies are facing and most of them suffering from struggles in the core of business can not afford to take the burden of digital representation and […]