How Accessible E-commerce Website Designing Is Useful During COVID-19?

Having accessible web design is getting imperative in the new era of social distancing and with global communities remains unsure about actual time duration for being homebound, people are shifting more towards online shopping, information, entertainment, and socializing.

However, there is one more side to this story, with web serving as present-time savior for people staying back at home, thousands of people with disabilities struggle for using the website that majority of us take for granted. So, what is the reason behind the struggle? Simply say, its negligence.

Recent study on more than 10 million websites found that majority of ecommerce web pages do not comply with global web accessibility guidelines. In fact, 96% of websites even do not have standard menus even. Additionally, websites were not navigable through keyboard, and many did not have the appropriate coding that can communicate with screen readers or assistive technologies.

AutoOB, a modern and forward-thinking company believes that every website for a business can generate huge revenues if built up to the modern website standards. By overcoming the designing challenges that would usually become the bane of any website, We can uplift the online presence of any online business.