AR and VR in the COVID world

In the dawn of this new year and the decade, humanity was in track for development and innovations; Then came the COVID-19 pandemic and caught the whole world off-guard. Many businesses across the globe are wondering how long they will survive the financial horrors of this pandemic.

Businesses are embracing digitization now more than ever. Across all industries, increasing numbers of companies are adopting videoconferencing tools and project management platforms to provide their employees with remote work options. The pandemic has given boost to digitization in such short amount of time which practically would not be achieved in the regular COVID-less reality.

One such technology that was present long before the COVID was even unheard of is Virtual Reality. Better known as VR, the technology has existed many years prior to the pandemic and is recently seen taking a huge bump in application in some major sectors. Many real estate startup companies have developed VR based solutions that lets potential buyers take virtual 3D tours of homes and apartments. One such example is of a Chinese company Beike that offers this service to its users. The platform is so full-fledged that that it now contains over 4 million properties on the platform and over 700 million users and expanding. The platform lets buyers complete the paperwork and transactions without even breaking the social distancing and lockdown norms.

That was a fine example of VR in Real Estate sector. Another example is of AR in the retail sector. When people all over the world where initially imposed lockdown restrictions and stay at home orders to contain and limit the outbreak, businesses found it difficult to operate. Many of them surrendered their arms to the pandemic and closed operations. Some came up with innovative solutions to keep it running when people could not physically see the product which they are buying with their hard-earned money.

IKEA launched a mobile app called “IKEA Place” which lets their customers experience what the products will look like in their homes by using AR. The app even contains “visual search” functionality where the user can point the apps camera to any non-IKEA furniture and intelligently identifies the type of furniture and searches its database of thousands of products to show products similar to the one detected by the camera.

There are limitless possibilities to the AR and VR solutions especially in the current world conditions. Digitization is not just a mere concept anymore. It is an urgent need of the times. Only the businesses willing to engage in innovative solutions are currently prospering and it might go on until the world is completely pandemic-free.

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